Wuhan Rixin Technology Was Invited To Participate In China Ecological Conference of HUAWEI

June 19, 2021

Latest company news about Wuhan Rixin Technology Was Invited To Participate In China Ecological Conference of HUAWEI

       "Be Born by gathering, being capable and promising", China Ecological Conference of HUAWEI will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on May 17-18, 2021. HUAWEI invites its ecological partners to build a "supply and demand relationship" with digital transformation characteristics, and work together to bridge the "new digital divide" and move toward an intelligent world of interconnected everything.


       As a comprehensive partner of Huawei, Rixin Technology was invited to attend the conference. In the theme forum of "PV + storage fusion, help intelligent photovoltaic become the main energy", Mr. Xu Jinming, chairman of Nishin Technology, delivered a speech entitled "affordable photovoltaic enable thousands of industries to open a green and low carbon new era". He said that photovoltaic entered the era of parity, photovoltaic power generation from "supplementary energy" to "main energy" prospects can be expected, HUAWEI will take the lead in the integration of digital technology, information technology, photovoltaic technology and energy storage technology, to accelerate the process of expanding a new path, make an important contribution. In the past 20 years, Rixin Technology has focused on photovoltaic, especially photovoltaic buildings, and carried out a lot of exploration and application practice in a variety of industries and building types. With the help of HUAWEI AI technology, it effectively solves the pain points of photovoltaic building application, such as security, orientation, shadow blocking, etc., reenergize green building vitality, and help green electricity enter thousands of households and industries more safely and economically.


     Rixin Technology is willing to join hands with HUAWEI and other partners to make joint efforts to help achieve carbon neutrality as soon as possible!

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